Custom Finish
Without The Expense!
Using Hydrographics film is almost half the cost of traditional airbrush painted customisation
Be Different!
Stand out from the crowd
Can be applied to almost any 3d shape
Limited only by your imagination
Wide range of
films available
Now with over 100 hydrographic film designs readily available and more being developed every month

Can be applied to most shaped surfaces

The advantage of Hydrographics over spraying or airbrushing is it's possible to get consistent pattern coverage over very irregular shaped objects not possible by any other method.

Find out more on our About Hydrographics page

Enjoy the look of custom painting but at half the price!

" With some of the hydrographic films so detailed it is not really practical to try to paint them "

Ken Rothery - Street Kustom

Thames Valley Hydrographics

Hydrographics involves dipping an object through a special printed film laid on water and is a way of printing designs on to almost any 3D shape that can be painted. Some of our projects have included helmets, motorcycle parts, car parts, paint ball guns, signs, computer cases and much more. The only real limit is your imagination!

There are well over 200 film designs readily available with more being developed every month. You can see some of the designs on our Hydrographics Films page.

Thames Valley Hydrographics are able to incorporate the film designs into a custom paint job or build a custom job around a chosen film on any object that you want.

With experienced staff you can be assured of a high standard of work and the desire to make your project as unique as you want.

With costs at almost half those of an airbrush painted custom job we are happy to provide a competitive quote for your project ideas. Thames Valley Hydrographics are based in Silchester near Reading.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas and a competitive quote - 0771 116 9325

Your next project...

Call us on 0771 116 9325 - We can apply the hydrographics process to almost any 3D shape that can be painted, including:

Make your project really stand out. The only real limit is your imagination! View some uses on our Examples page